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You may not require government support, instead you could be keen to take advantage of the excellent mortgage deals currently on offer (further improved by the cut in the Base Rate).

This may motivate you to assess, for example, your remortgaging (or product transfer) plans such as:

– needing to raise funds to further improve your existing property. – looking for a new deal, as you’re coming to the end of your current one. – still sitting on your lender’s more expensive Standard Variable Rate. – simply wanting to identify a better mortgage deal than the one you have.

We’d currently expect more interest in remortgaging your existing property (and product transfers), than funding property moves.  That said, the marketplace will, no doubt, be looking at innovative ways of how to make that supply chain work, in light of the need for social distancing.

Whatever your plans, do be mindful, that partly due to the impact of coronavirus on the workload of lenders, a number of higher rate Loan-to-Value deals have been pulled.

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