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Employee Benefits Program

We'll work with your HR and benefits teams to offer the very best for all of your employees and associates

Employees are a fundamental part of any business, and employee satisfaction is vital when retaining key personnel. They may come to you for the salary, career progression or your vision, but they will stay with you because they feel part of the family. One of the ways of maintaining high employee satisfaction is the benefits that you offer your employees.

At Legacy Wealth and Finance we work with your HR and benefits teams, to introduce mortgage advice, mortgage related services and insurance protection advice too..

We currently work with the UK's biggest employer, the NHS, as well others including Unite the Union.

As a whole of market, FCA regulated mortgage brokers, we offer tailored mortgage advice for each of your employees, gaining access to the 100 or so UK mortgage lenders and many more private banks.  Not only will your employees not pay for the service, you'll also gain back from them all the time that would be spent on this task alone.

Find out how we can help you!

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